Burning Question: Will fondue ever make a comeback?

Burning Question: Will fondue ever make a comeback?

Tired icons of the 1960s and ’70s have faded into obscurity. Faux wood paneling? Gone. Pet Rocks? Forgotten. Two-hour baseball games? Outta here. Institutional racism? Uh…yeah. Well, we’re still kinda working on that one.

Hey, at least we got rid of leisure suits. So, score! And we stashed all those home fondue kits in the dark recesses of some closet, never to be seen again. Indeed, the demise of shared meals of melted cheese and bread was so complete, Smithsonian decided to record fondue for posterity by adding a set to the National Museum of American History collection.

Done, dusted.

But hang on just a minute. Original fondue pots are a hit on eBay. You can buy new ones at big box retail outlets—and Grocery Outlet, for that matter. People post fondue images on social media. What gives?

“It’s becoming more and more popular, especially in this weather,” says Nargis Lengacher, owner of Lugano Swiss Bistro in Carmel’s Barnyard.

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